Who is or what does the Purpose Association do

Portrait and Tasks

A Public Corporation

The Purpose Association is a public corporation and manages itself. The regulations applicable to municipalities are applied mutatis mutandis and are regulated in the association’s articles of the Association.

The area of the association extends over five local sub-districts. Eschbach, Bremgarten (Hartheim am Rhein), Grißheim (Neuenburg am Rhein), Heitersheim und Tunsel (Bad Krozingen).

The tasks defined in the association’s articles shall be carried out by the Purpose Association in place of the local sub-district municipalities.

The organs of the Purpose Association are the association assembly and the association chairman.

Association Assembly

The association assembly tusually meets 2 times a year. The members of the Association are represented in this meeting by the political representatives (district administrator, senior mayor, mayor).

The association assembly establishes the principles for the activities of the Purpose Association through the association chairman and the association director and supervises the implementation of their resolutions.

Association Chairman and Association Director

The legal representative of the Purpose Association is the honorary association chairman elected for five years from among the members of the association assembly. He represents the association assembly externally and chairs its meetings.

The full-time association director manages the association administration, implements the resolutions of the association assembly and the decisions of the association chairman.

Bild BM Kieber

Current Association Chairman
Volker Kieber
Town of Bad Krozingen 

Current Association Director
Markus Riesterer

Deputy Chairman of the Association

Tasks of the organs

Breisgau Business Park GmbH (Gewerbepark Breisgau GmbH)

In July 1997, the Purpose Association founded the Breisgau Business Park GmbH (Gewerbepark Breisgau GmbH).

The Breisgau Business Park GmbH (Gewerbepark Breisgau GmbH) assumes parts of the administrative tasks, such as the marketing, rental and sale of the properties and other activities, such as the maintenance and upkeep of the public areas. In addition, the Breisgau Business Park GmbH (Gewerbepark Breisgau GmbH) is the operator of the special landing field Breisgau Business Park (Bremgarten).

The administrative tasks and activities of the Breisgau Business Park GmbH (Gewerbepark Breisgau GmbH) are carried out by the association administration,which is headed by the full-time association director and managing director Markus Riesterer.