Leisure time

Leisure time

Off you go into the after-work bliss - leisure time in the Breisgau Business Park

The Breisgau Business Park is surrounded by wide meadows and forests. Here you can relax, take a breath and enjoy nature or just chill out with friends.

To relax in the lunch break a little walk through the park? On hot days, enjoying the shade of the numerous trees with a cool drink. Or just sitting on a park bench and relaxing, in cooler weather with a sandwich and a cappuccino to go? The Breisgau Business Park offers all this and much more.

Starting the day sporty, relaxing after work, playing sports with friends and colleagues, improving your fitness or simply enjoying the sunset and the beautiful evening light in the Business Park with a glass of wine together with colleagues, everything is possible here.

Why not cycle to work?

The Breisgau Business Park can be easily reached by bicycle from the surrounding towns via the well-developed bicycle paths.

Enjoy the beautiful nature on the way to work in the morning, do something good for yourself and improve your fitness at the same time – who wouldn’t like to get to the office or to work stress-free and cycle home relaxed after work.

Of course, the Breisgau Business Park can also be explored by bicycle. How about a little bike ride with the family to explore the new workplace and its surroundings together?

Being fit: Exercise trail, inline skating or running?

The exercise trail located in the grove is accessible around the clock and invites with 8 stations for sports activity in fresh forest air. Pull-up bar, hand over hand rungs and other equipment offer here extensively the option for a lot of fun and joy in the outdoor exercise.

For all those who like it even more sporty, the industrial park with its well-developed bicycle paths invites you to inline-skating. Explore the park on inline skates and enjoy nature, the sunset and much more.

Running enthisasts will not miss out in the Breisgau Business Park either. Meeting with colleagues or friends after work for a run in or around the park, enjoying nature, wildlife or the sunset. Have fun – just give it a try.

Doing something for your back?

Those who spend a lot of time sitting in front of a monitor will certainly appreciate the opportunity to do something for themselves after working hours. That’s when it’s a good idea to go to the physiotherapy institute located in the business park or for targeted training at the back therapy training centre.

In this way, you can actively prevent the widespread complaints of typical “desk jockeys”.

Water sports

For those who love adventure on the water, the store Lite Venture offers water sports equipment, also for rent, for carefree experiences: expedition-ready sea kayaks, SUP boards, fast surf skis for marathons, very light kayaks for easy handling, and innovative modular and folding kayaks for travelers who want to be flexible By the way, all this can be tested in the immediate vicinity of the Breisgau Business Park.

For all sailors, winter sports enthusiasts and hiking fans

Sailing is possible right outside the front door, the Rhine and the Schluchsee offer great spots for it. Just try it out At Schluchsee there is also the possibility to rent sailing dinghies.

The surrounding area (Black Forest and Vosges) invites to winter sports. How about cross-country skiing in winter, for example on the Thuner or around the Schluchsee? Or downhill skiing on the Feldberg, Belchen, Schauinsland, in the Obermünstertal or in the nearby Vosges?

One thing is for sure, the winter sports enthusiasts will find their pleasure here.

For those who like hiking, the Black Forest and the Vosges offer numerous hiking and long-distance hiking trails (Westweg or the GR5 Vogesenhöhenweg). Hike amidst dense evergreen forests and enjoy this impressive natural experience.

The wellness offer is on the doorstep

The well-known thermal baths Cassiopeia Therme and Vita Classica are located in the immediate vicinity of the Breisgau Business Park.

The Vita Classica Therme in Bad Krozingen is the ideal destination to combine therapy, wellness and sports. Enjoy the thermal bath, the sauna paradise and the many wellness offers in the well-being house.. A visit alone or with the family is definitely worth it.

The Cassiopeia-Therme in Badenweiler offers pure relaxation. Treat yourself to this heart-refreshing time-out and enjoy the thermal baths, sauna area, Roman-Irish bath & wellness oasis. The visit – a boon and balm for the soul.