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Press release: Spatenstich Neubau Geh- und Radweg Richtung Bremgarten


Cycle directly to the Gewerbepark

The Gewerbepark Breisgau in Eschbach has recently been fully connected to the cycle path network and can now also be reached safely on foot. The missing section of 1300 meters between the northern exit of the business park and the Hartheim district of Bremgarten was closed for this reason.

Around 1800 traffic movements a day were counted on Bremgartener Straße in the latest traffic count. Association director Markus Riesterer is pleased that the gap has now been closed. “Cyclists and pedestrians previously had to ride or walk on the road, the situation was really dangerous. We also received requests from companies to remedy the situation,” he says. Thanks to funding from the “Municipal Cycling and Pedestrian Infrastructure Funding Program” of the state of Baden-Württemberg, the costs of 260,000 euros were reduced by half.

The Gewerbepark Breisgau is now fully connected to the cycle path network, benefiting commuters who cycle from Bad Krozingen, Tunsel, Hartheim, Bremgarten or from Breisach. The closing of the gap is also relevant for all people who use the industrial park with its diverse natural areas as a local recreation area. The park can now be completely circumnavigated by bike or inline skates.

“The measures are part of our mobility concept. We want the 3,500 or so people who work in the business park to be able to reach their workplaces easily without a car. That’s why we are expanding the cycling infrastructure. The next step will be to set up bike rental stations,” announces Association Director Riesterer.

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Virtual Frelos stations coming soon

The management of the Gewerbepark is introducing the Freiburg Frelo system in the Gewerbepark Breisgau. “We want to support the mobility of employees within the Gewerbepark,” says Association Director Markus Riesterer. “As an alternative to the car, this form of transportation is environmentally friendly, contributes to climate protection and promotes the health of employees.” The bikes are expected to be available at six virtual Frelo stations in the course of March. All you need to do to use them is register free of charge. The bikes can then be easily rented and returned at the same or any other station.

RVF season ticket customers who use a Regiokarte, for example, can ride for free for the first half hour of each journey.

Some companies are supporting the new service by providing a space for the Frelo station on their premises and covering the running costs.

The bikes can be borrowed at the following Frelo stations:
(1) Losan Pharma GmbH
(3) ARaymond Fluid Connektion Germany GmbH
(4) in the area of Hatho GmbH and PI miCos GmbH
(5) at the water tower

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The dust has settled for now


Representatives of Gutex and local residents met at the plant in the Gewerbepark Breisgau  to discuss the noise problems.

The meeting was arranged by the Breisgau Industrial Park Association, which would have liked to have been on board sooner.

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Source: Badische Zeitung 26.01.2024 – Hannes Selz


Image: Hubert Gemmert

Gewerbepark Breisgau in Eschbach pays two million euros extra to local authorities


The Gewerbepark Breisgau pays a special distribution to the local authorities – even though trade tax income is not as high as expected. Local residents, meanwhile, are annoyed by the noise from a new company.

“This is a nice Christmas present for the member municipalities, if you like,” said Markus Riesterer, association director and Gewerbepark manager, at the most recent meeting of the municipalities involved in the inter-municipal business park in Eschbach. Bad Krozingen, Ballrechten-Dottingen, Ehrenkirchen, Eschbach, Freiburg, Hartheim, Heitersheim, Münstertal, Neuenburg am Rhein, Staufen, the Müllheim-Badenweiler municipal administration association and the district of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald are involved in the Gewerbepark Breisgau. All these local authorities can now look forward to an additional cash injection at the end of the year. At the suggestion of the association administration under the aegis of
Riester, a special distribution of two million euros will now take place.

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Source: Badische Zeitung 10.12.2023 – Holger Schindler

Gritting obligation of road users

Information on the gritting obligation of road users in the Gewerbepark Breisgau


Statutes on the transfer of the cleaning, clearing and gritting obligation of road residents of the Gewerbepatk Breisgau Association (gritting obligation statutes).

Detailed information can be found in the statutes.