Broadband supply

Broadband network with fibre optic cable

In December 2016, the new broadband network with fibre optic cable was put into operation.

To ensure that all businesses can benefit from this important infrastructure facility, a connection with empty pipes was prepared for each commercial property.


In the Breisgau business park, the broadband supply was planned as an FTTB network, i.e. the fibre optic cables were or will be laid to the buildings to be connected.

Depending on the requirements of the subscriber, data transmissions of 1,000 Mbit/s and more are possible via the fibre optic network.

You can also use the fibre connection for your telephone connection and for cable TV.

House and property connections

We recommend that all property owners continue the empty conduit laid up to the property boundary into the house connection room of the existing or planned building.

For new construction projects, it makes sense to lay the empty pipes in connection with the water connection. The employees of the Breisgau Business Park building yard will be happy to assist you.

House connection contract

To connect your property to the fibre optic network, a house connection contract must be concluded between you as the property owner and the Purpose Association Breisgau Business Park as the owner of the fibre optic network.

If your commercial operation has no fibre optic connection, please contact the administration of the Purpose Association Breisgau Business Park.

Connection costs

The Purpose Association Breisgau Business Park has spent approximately 1.2 million Euros on the expansion of broadband coverage in the Business Park. About half of these costs could be covered by state subsidies.

For the provision of a fibre optic connection, the Purpose Association Breisgau Business Park charges a one-off connection cost contribution of EUR 2,500.00 plus VAT for each property to be connected.

In addition, there are the costs for blowing in the fibre optic cable, installing the splice box and splicing the fibre optic cables.

The civil engineering work is to be arranged by the customer.

Operation of the fibre optic network

For legal reasons, the operation of the broadband network by the Zweckverband Gewerbepark Breisgau is not possible. On the basis of a Europe-wide public invitation to tender, the Zweckverband Gewerbepark Breisgau has awarded the fibre optic network to the Stiegeler Internet Service GmbH  from Schönau.

For the use of the fibre optic connection, a contract must be concluded with Stiegeler Internet SErvice GmbH. This company offers commercial customer rates from € 99.00/month and private customer rates from €47.95/month.
We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the operation of the fibre optic network:

To all interested telecommunications providers

Market investigation process of the inter-municipal cooperation (IKZ) Markgräflerland for broadband supply in underserved areas in the following towns: