Industrial siding

The Breisgau Business Park has its own industrial track

The connection to the Rhine Valley line of the Deutsche Bahn (Mannheim – Basel/Konstanz) is via the Heitersheim junction.

The industrial track has a loading facility that will be completed in 2021 and ends at the connection point of the private non-public railway infrastructure of Gesellschaft Abfallwirtschaft Breisgau mbH (GAB).

The Breisgau Business Park allows GAB to use the railway infrastructure to ensure its waste transports to the Breisgau Thermal Waste Treatment and Energy Generation Plant (TREA-Breisgau) in the Business Park. Every year, 45,000 tonnes of household and commercial waste can be delivered by rail.

Extensive renovations and extensions have provided good shunting and loading facilities.

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Schedule of charges for the use of the industrial track

valid from 01.01.2020

Site plan of the indsutrial track

stand September 2021

Operating instruction military loading station

from 01.07.2021

Service instruction master track

valid from 01.07.2021