Infrastructure and Locational Advantages

Locational advantages in the Breisgau Business Park

The Breisgau Business Park is centrally located in the border triangle of Germany, France and Switzerland and is characterized by its excellent traffic connection.

In addition to the nearby highway access, the Business Park is connected to the Rhine Valley line of the Deutsche Bahn via an industrial siding. There is also a special landing field for business and sports aircraft. The Rhine harbour in Breisach is also very close by.

Another advantage: In addition to the excellent infrastructure, the Breisgau Business Park is characterized by its flexible plots of land. Depending on demand, ready-to-build, developed plots are available for industry and commerce. Comprehensive advice and professional support in legal and construction matters are a matter of course.

Nature conservation plays a major role in the business park: Of the 564 hectares of the Breisgau Business Park, 150 hectares are developed. 90 ha are dedicated to public green spaces and 267 ha are reserved for nature and landscape conservation.

Industrial siding

The industrial track of the Breisgau Business Park is connected to the Rhine Valley line Karlsruhe-Basel of the Deutsche Bahn. The three "solar tracks" (each 350 m long) allow good loading and shunting possibilities.
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Motorway access

From the A 5 motorway from Karlsruhe to Basel, the Breisgau Business Park can be reached without even a single cross-town link and without any intersections. The specially built junction 64b Hartheim/ Heitersheim/Gewerbepark Breisgau is only 3 km away. One country road and three district roads were upgraded to optimize road access to the Breisgau Business Park.
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Border triangle

The Breisgau Business Park is centrally located in the border triangle of Germany, France and Switzerland with optimal traffic connection into each of these countries. This proximity to the border not only offers the opportunity to establish or expand cross-border business contacts, but also invites to a wide range of leisure activities on both sides of the Rhine.
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Bridge to France

In addition to the excellent road access, the Business Park has a direct connection to France: At the 64b freeway junction, the Alain-Foechterle-Erich-Dilger bridge crosses the Rhine into the neighbouring country. It is designed for vehicles up to 3.5 t and is also open to pedestrians. Heavier transports to France can cross the Rhine in Breisach; the distance is 20 km.
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Broadband network

Access to fast internet has become an important location factor for many commercial and industrial enterprises. All the prerequisites for this are now in place at the Breisgau Business Park.
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Renewable energies and ecology

District heating

District heating and electricity are generated in the Thermal Residual Waste Treatment and Energy Generation Plant (TREA) at Breisgau Business Park. Industrial sites that require energy in the form of heat or steam can benefit from this.

Photovoltaic system

The solar park in the Breisgau Business Park is one of the largest ground-mounted photovoltaic plants in southern Germany.

The field has a size of 4.8 ha and has been in operation since 2007. The system consists of two measuring fields.

The photovoltaic system achieved the following performances in the past years


0 kWh
1.104.500,00 kWh measuring field1 und 450.447,50 kWh measuring field 2


0 kWh
1.000.654,00 kWh measuring field 1 und 512.647,00 kWh measuring field 2

Assuming an average annual electricity consumption of 4 people in a single-family home of 4,000 kWh, this means that the electricity generated by the solar plant could have supplied about 390 single-family homes in 2020.

Many of the companies located here already take advantage of the sunny climate of South Baden and generate their own (solar) electricity.

Connecting economy and ecology

The Breisgau Business Park is also characterized by a strong link between economy and ecology. Ecological concerns already played an overriding role throughout the development of the Breisgau Business Park.

With the planning for the establishment of the Breisgau Business Park, a nature conservation concept was realized at the same time as a successful compromise between industry, agriculture and nature preservation. The ordinance on the nature and landscape conservation area “Bremgarten Airfield” issued for this purpose covers around 158 hectares of nature conservation area “Bremgarten Airfield” issued area and 109 hectares of landscape preservation area.

This is intended to preserve the ecologically valuable meadow areas of the airfield.

There, next to the 1,800-meter runway, large meadow areas have been created that have only been used extensively and have thus become the habitat of numerous animal and plant species.

For example, the largest population of corn bunting in the country can be found, as well as significant occurrences of quail, melodious warbler, red-backed shrike, black-throated skylark and other regionally important bird species. In addition, the strictly protected brown-spotted biting cricket, among others, occurs on the airfield site.

All this makes the area unique, which is why all categories of protected areas are represented at the airfield: Nature conservation area, landscape preservation area, FFH area, bird sanctuary, legally protected biotopes and FFH meadows.