Purpose association Breisgau Business Park

Breisgau Business Park

Conversion lays the foundation for commercial use

In 1994, the use of the Bremgarten military airfield was abandoned by the German army.

The political will of the entire region was to convert the existing area, which had previously been used exclusively for military purposes, to commercial use afterwards.

This major task could only be accomplished through inter-municipal cooperation. This is a regionally oriented cooperation of regional authorities, i.e. municipalities, district towns or independent towns, as well as administrative districts for the realization of common objectives and tasks.

On October 2, 1994, the Purpose Association Breisgau Business Park was established for inter-municipal commercial use of the airfield site. The aim was to develop a regional inter-communal industrial park, where, among other things, nature conservation and sustainability play a major role.

Markus Riesterer

Association director Purpose Association Breisgau Business Park General Manager Breisgau Business Park GmbH in an interview.


Members of the purpose association are the following cities and municipalities:

To this day, all members of the Association agree that this major future-oriented task for the further economic development of the region can only be accomplished in a common solidarity of all parties involved.

In this way, they commit each other to contributing to the success of the Breisgau Business Park.