Place of interest in the Breisgau Business Park

Place of interest in the Breisgau Business Park

Immelmann museum

The Immelmann museum is located on the ground floor of the old water tower of the former military site in the Breisgau Business Park on Max-Immelmann-Allee.

The museum documents not only the history of the reconnaissance squadron 51 “Immelmann” and the former military airfield, but also the development of the Breisgau Business Park over the last 25 years. There is much to marvel at and hear about the old squadron.

You can visit the museum free of charge by prior arrangement.

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Bruno Feger

About him and his art

In the floral still lifes, as allegories, the idea of the image of nature, (a picture is the incorporation of what is perceived as a sign) of an imagined and created world (as opposed to a found reality), of man as the creator of a “second nature”, is concretised, whose origins lie in the settling down (of man), in the design of houses and gardens, in the interplay between the open and the sheltered, in blossom and fruit, which continues today in the developments of artificial intelligence and robotics.

They deal with the relationship between man and nature, sculpture and space, movement and permanence, beauty and fragility.

For many years, the steel sculptor has specialised in large-scale floral portraits and depictions of fruit.

Bruno Feger can be seen at various exhibitions, including Art 2022 in Karlsruhe.

If you would like to learn more about his works of art …steel